We are hand-crafting unique and  amazing products to accompany your fountain pens

Writing, doodling, sketching or just documenting your amazing experiences, we are here to transform your daily note taking into an exquisite experience

Our story

We are a weird yet successful mix of artisan and designer, combining superior leathercrafting with a touch of simplicity, experience, and ease of use.

The story of mightandwit started a few years back, by having me return to my old passion – writing – and being completely unsatisfied with the pen pouches I was capable of finding on the market. 

After buying about thirty in total, I think, starting with the classic ones that you can find in pretty much any stationery store, to various sellers online, I decided it was enough. I could probably linger and keep looking for pen sleeves and pouches to match my pen, taste, and the experience I was looking for, but I crossed a line there. It was already expensive and frustrating. 

I decided to gift most of my pen cases to friends, and started designing a pen sleeve I will love using, one that will match the elegance of my pens will be practical –– I was dreaming the quality of leather and finishes will match my pens elegance. That was the ancestor of what I call today The Emperor pen sleeve for two fountain pens, that comes in blue and walnut.

But boy, I knew so little of what journey lies ahead.

First, I realized how hard it is to find outstanding quality leather that will last the test of time.

Then I learned the hard way the quality of craft and realized in a painful and costly manner that you could consider “mission impossible” to find exquisite craftsmanship, not to mention the finishes.

Crafting a pen sleeve might not look hard, but making it such a way that the quality of the finishes for that pen sleeve matches the finishes of a Pelikan Souveran M805 proven to be a real challenge. Yes, that was my very first pen over US $100.

After many years, numerous challenges, a ton of iterations, and a lot of money shredded into the process, here we are.

We are mightandwit.

Pleased to meet you and share our passion with you.

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We’ve documented how it all started, with just a fountain pen that managed to re-ignite an old love for writing.
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